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Review: Flight of the Conchords Series 2

Life is nothing if not a struggle for New Zealand’s fourth most popular folk digi-rock duo…

Jemaine and Bret: The Conchords

Jemaine and Bret: The Conchords

There is so little to hate about Jemaine and Bret, the two bandmates that make up Flight of the Conchords, that it almost hurts. Whether it be their general inability to strike up conversations with (normal) girls, or their total failure to get anyone apart from Mel (the band’s ‘fanbase’) to attend their gigs, something about the two New Zealanders makes them compelling viewing, despite the conspicuous absence of anything involving personal or professional progression.

The first series introduced us to the band, and allowed us to follow as they singularly failed to make any sort of headway on the American music scene. In that respect, then, the second series follows religiously in the same footsteps. As Jemaine tells Murray, the band’s injudicious manager, during the last episode of this collection, “It’s the story of two men who started at the bottom, who with a lot of hard work continued along the bottom, and then finished at the bottom.”

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Jenson Button’s Example Is One Lewis Hamilton Might Do Well To Observe

All smiles: But could Button teach Lewis a thing or two?

All smiles: But could Button teach Lewis a thing or two?


In life do we make our own, or is it bestowed upon us at moments when we cannot predict its presence?

The question is probably one best expounded upon by the philosophers and theorists of this world, but it might be one that Jenson Button has pondered in recent weeks.

For so long the Englishman has found himself struggling at the back of Formula One’s grid. Yet this season, his tenth in the paddock, the 29-year-old finds himself comfortably atop the driver’s championship — thanks to the breathtaking pace of his Brawn GP car.

This turn of events is rendered ever more surprising by the circumstances that surrounded the team’s preparation for the 2009 season. Last season competing as Honda, the Japanese car manafacturer’s woes in the credit crunch forced it to end its involvement with one of the world’s most expensive sports.

Honda took the decision so late, however (December), that there was little time to make other plans. With no prospect of a buyer for the beleaguered team, and all other teams having long since appointed their drivers, it looked like Button — and teammate Rubens Barrichello — would have no car to race in 2009.

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Lee Mack Looks Back

Is there a better way to kick off a new blog than with an exclusive blockbuster celebrity interview? Probably not, but unfortunately this isn’t a perfect world and Brad Pitt doesn’t always return phone calls. Comedian Lee Mack does, however, so at least I had the opportunity to interview him at his not-so-humble abode...

"I remember jumping on the was a big thing for me."

Mack: "I remember jumping on the was a big thing for me."

When Lee Mack was 22, the smell of success was all around him. Unfortunately, it wasn’t his own. The Southport born comedian — real surname McKillop — spent his youth working for a living at stables in Australia, cleaning out after Red Rum. At that point, serving the three-times Grand National winner was as close to achievement as Mack had been in his life, despite long harbouring his own ambitions.

“At 16 I knew I wanted to be a comedian, but didn’t really know what that meant,” the 40-year-old admits openly. “I left school and worked in a number of manual jobs before I went to Australia — and even that I did because I thought you needed to be worldly wise to be a stand-up.”

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