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New iPhone Slated for July 17th Release, According to Reports

It’s massively anticipated, yet Apple have resolutely refused to divulge details publicly. But the secret might finally be out…

The iPhone and an opposable thumb: Both pretty impressive

The iPhone and an opposable thumb: Both pretty impressive

The much-awaited release of the new Apple iPhone will be on the July 17th, according to reports from an unofficial Apple website.

Although Apple are yet to formally announce even the prospect of a new iPhone, is reporting the news of the release date — among other details — based on information received from an inside source they believe to be reliable.

“Recently we were approached by a source who is closely connected to Apple’s hardware development team,” reads the article on the website. “The source was willing to provide detailed information on the specs and release date of the next generation iPhone. We have checked the source’s credentials to the best of our ability and at this point deem the source as reputable.”

The website then goes on to list the many specifications and updates of the new iPhone, which includes 32GB and 16GB versions, an updated 3.2 megapixel camera, and a 50% improvement in battery life among a host of other fairly minor additions. The release date, however, is the most interesting news.

With Apple CEO Steve Jobs coming to the end of a six-month sabbatical due to bad health, speculation has abounded on the internet as to when an announcement of an update to Apple’s flagship product would be made. With Apple hosting a Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) from June 8-12th, it now looks increasingly likely official confirmation of the new model will be made at some point during that event.

The current iPhone 3G model was released on July 11th 2008, with the original version launched in June 2007. Therefore, a July 17th 2009 release would seem to fit in with Apple’s yearly updating of the iPhone.


More information and analysis of the latest ‘announcement’ can be found on

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  1. Hello I just bought the new 3g and was very impressed until I went to setup my Profiles to have my night ring on for my 89 year old mother and relized that was only on my 4yr old nokia,(what the xxxx) And other thing ,it would be nice to be able to text in a land scape mode! And lastly what batterie life? That being said the phone gets a 98 out of a 100 Thanks jd

    Comment by Jon dick | June 2, 2009 | Reply

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