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Weekly Musings: Twenty20, The Apprentice, FA Cup and more…

What Catch Seventy7 learned after another week secretly enjoying Gilmore Girls…

Trent Bridge: One of three venues for the pointless World Cup

Trent Bridge: One of three venues for the pointless World Cup

Twenty20: Fun, for all the TV audience

I’m not one to stand in the way of progress (mainly because if I did, progress would doubtless mow my insignficant self down without so much as a second thought) but I am not convinced by Twenty20 cricket.

Sure, on TV it fits the medium perfectly. The pace of the game is brisk and eventful, and it’s all over within an agreeable three-hour timeframe. But live, at the ground, Twenty20 just cannot compare with the 50-over or Test match versions.

Everything is over too quickly, and the frequent musical interludes quickly begin to grate. It might have been because I was watching Middlesex/Hampshire at Uxbridge, but I’m really not a fan. The World Twenty20 can’t be over soon enough.

The Ashes is all that matters. 

The Apprentice: Sir Alan loves the ladies

The interview episode is usually a classic during any series of The Apprentice, but this week it fell a bit flat. Perhaps it was the absence of Paul Kemsley as an interviewer (apparently he is mired in financial difficulties, poor sod) that left the show lacking any real edge.

James went first, and once it became clear that two further candidates were to go too it was inevitable Lorraine would join him on the scrapheap. Kate waltzed into the final, and was joined when Yasmina won Sir Alan’s vote on what sounded like a split decision.

Kate ‘the robot’ is undoubtedly the big favourite for the final, but nothing is decided just yet. Launching a new box of chocolates might just be Yasmina’s forte — after all, she doesn’t seem to have found it yet.

One thing is for sure, though, this has been the worst collection of candidates in Apprentice history. Simon, Tim and Lee won’t exactly be honoured to be associated with whoever wins on Sunday.


Journalism: Where’s It Heading?

A very general question, and one that I’m not going to attempt to answer. But it seems to me certain basic things need to change.

Take the Guardian/Observer, for instance. On Sunday, the Observer ran stories about Britain’s Got Talent that quoted the winners from what they said during the live show.

What worth is that? Why should anyone pay to read what they heard with their own ears the night before?

The same problem afflicted the Guardian’s sport section later in the week. The issue led with Carlo Ancelotti’s arrival at Chelsea, quoting the Italian from, unbelievably, an interview he gave with Chelsea TV the day before, that had been all over Sky Sports News for the best part of 24 hours.

I don’t blame the journalists necessarily, but is it any wonder that newspapers are dying if this is the ‘news’ they bring?

I had an interesting conversation with a friend about the future of the media. He’s not a trained journalist, but he’s at the forefront of what online sports journalism is doing. He seems encouraged and enthusiastic about where his site is heading, which is more than can be said for those within the traditional media.

Maybe, just maybe, trained journalists would do well to step outside the box they’ve built for themselves, and then the answer might become more apparent.


FA Cup Final

You called it, we called it, everyone called it.

Most importantly, I called it.

Twitterrific prediction from CatchSeventy7...

Almost twitterrific prediction from CatchSeventy7...

Everton toiled hard as they always do, but Chelsea were just too strong for the Merseysiders — and sent Guus Hiddink off with a fitting ending.

As predictable as the final outcome was, the game got off to an extremely unpredictable start. Louis Saha’s goal after 25 seconds put the cat amongst the pigeons, and forced Chelsea to come out and be proactive about securing victory. They did, thanks to goals from Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard and stellar performances from Ashley Cole and Florent Malouda.

Carlo Ancelotti has a big job stepping into Hiddink’s shoes, but based on Sunday’s display he can be reassured he has inherited one of the best starting elevens in world football.


The Wire: Just who is your favourite character?

I finished my third run-through of The Wire this week, with what can only be described as Series 5 binge of epic proportions. I’m not going to bang on about how great it is, everyone knows it by now — the word ‘Dickensian’ has been banded about, for crying out loud — so instead I started pondering my favourite character.

It’s a pretty tough question. Just like picking the best series of the show is liking choosing your favourite one out of Girls Aloud (except the ginger one has been replaced by Megan Fox), choosing a favourite character is extraordinarily difficult.

Obligatory Megan Fox photo: Shameless

Obligatory Megan Fox photo: Shameless

I’ve not quite made my decision, but I’m getting there. Bunk’s in the frame (Mainly because “he’s not that humble”), as is Gus Haynes. But in the lead at the moment, is Ellis Carver.

Who would have thought that?


Stuff Catch Seventy7 has seen and heard this week:


Coach Carter:  ***  True stories always go down well. An enjoyable watch, even if the soundtrack does quickly begin to feel a bit incongruous.

Blues Brothers: ****  Entertaining stuff from Aykroyd and Belushi, with an all-star cast and a great soundtrack. Touch long though

Terminator 2: Judgment Day: **** The acting in places is a bit cringeworthy, but the story is intriguing and the action never fails to entertain.



The Wire (Season 4): ***** Another series, another five stars for the best TV show ever. The stakes are raised for everyone from McNulty to Carcetti, and the ending is one befitting of the show’s impressive body of work.


Passion Pit/Manners: ****

Daniel Merriweather/Love & War: **** 


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