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Weekly Musings: Ronaldo Saga, The Apprentice, Twenty20 Cricket, and more

What Catch Seventy7 learned after another week wishing they’d concentrated on football as a kid…

Ronaldo spots a mirror in the crowd...

Ronaldo spots a mirror in the crowd...

Cristiano Ronaldo + £80m = A deal too good to refuse

Has anything else happened this week apart from the potential of transfer of a certain Portuguese poseur to a certain Spanish side this week?

Didn’t think so.

Yes, £80m is a lot of money for one player, but if Real Madrid say that they will more than recoup that money over the course of his contract in increased advertising and merchandising revenue, then I believe them. But if they believe that he will instantly help them win every trophy going, they’ve got another thing coming. 

Then again, success on the pitch has often seemed secondary to the circus at Real in recent years.

I feel a bit sorry for Ronaldo. I appreciate that the move is a ‘dream’ move for him — with a not inconsiderable amount of money involved as well — but by going to Madrid he is giving up his chance to ever be revered as a legend of the game. The apathy with which many United fans greeted news of Ronnie’s departure demonstrates how, even in this money-centred age, the personal character of a player is equally important to their ability in the eyes of those who watch the games.

He won’t be remembered as a legend at Old Trafford, and it’s doubtful he’ll be remembered as a legend at the Bernabeu either — their fans know a thing or two about football’s traditions too, you know. He has the talent and time to become a legend in the mould of Pele or George Best, but if he continues to pout and posturise — not to mention associating himself with vacuous hangers-on like Paris Hilton – he might regret when he’s 50 that the adulation he reckons he receives now is no longer coming his way.


The Apprentice: All’s well that ends well

Like the first Terminator film, in the end the human defeated the robot. Except instead of preserving humanity’s chance of survival, Yasmina just grabbed herself a £100,000 p.a. job. Although by the way the BBC and other news outlets went on about the result, you would have been forgiven for thinking that something a little more substantial had been achieved.

Yasmina’s victory was built on the basis of her box of chocolates being considerably cheaper than Kate’s. Once that fact was revealed, the result was fairly obvious. In these recessionary times (which, much to the audience’s relief I’m sure, Sir Alan referred to continually throughout the series, just to show how in touch with everything he is — before signing on for a role with the Labour government). The real comedy of the episode was from Ben — as always — who delighted with his ridiculous suggestions for names and box designs.

The boy’s got a one-track mind, and it makes for hilarious TV.

Another great series, but I wonder how many Apprentice viewers might have felt a little bit guilty after watching Mitchell & Webb’s really rather good — and incisive — sketch about the whole thing:

“So it’s coverage of idiots, watched by an audience of idiots?’

“Not just idiots, there’ll be others that flatter themselves into thinking they watch with a sense of irony, and haven’t been taken in by the whole thing.”

“And how do these ironic non-idiots show up on the ratings?’

“They show up just the same, my friend. Just the same.”


Twenty20 World Cup: Not so bad…

Last week I slammed (well, maybe not slammed, more like mildly rebuked) Twenty20 cricket. I’m still not a massive fan of it as a spectator sport, but it certainly works for the TV audiences. And the World Cup that has been going on has certainly not failed to entertain.

While few games have been nail-bitingly close, most games have gone the distance and it has been almost the end before the victor has become evident. The quality of cricket has also been impressive — South Africa in particular have looked great, but India, Sri Lanka and even West Indies all look capable of beating anyone on their day.

But the tournament cannot, and will not, become the main focus of the cricket fraternity. I think you can see it in the player’s eyes — the format is important, but not essential to them. They haven’t invested the time and effort and training in the format that will make success so much sweeter.

If you speak to Aussie players, I bet they will happily accept their early exit from the T20 competition if it ensures they retain the Ashes. Similarly for England, I bet they would happily give up their challenge in this competition (even if it is a pretty flimsy one) if it meant they won the Ashes.

That’s the way it should be.

So enjoy the competition while it lasts, but remember that for many of these players it’s barely more than a bit of fun.


Guardian Boast of Ronaldo Scoop

You’ve got to hand it to the Guardian. Their journalists have embraced Twitter (whatever benefit that may bring) and have used it to tell the world how they knew all along how things were going to turn out. Take the case of Sports Editor Ian Prior, who quickly honed in on the most important aspect of Ronaldo’s big transfer to Real:

The Guardian: 'See, we knew it all along...'

The Guardian: 'See, we knew it all along...'

Of course, Prior neglected to mention the Guardian’s many apparent u-turns on the subject between April’s scoop and the actual transfer bid (like this one, for example. Or this). Nor did he mention that probably many other newspapers broached the subject, oooh, last year — when the talk of Ronaldo’s move to Madrid was never out of the papers.

In fairness, 140 characters isn’t a lot to convey the full extent of your sentiment. 

But it’s evidently enough to reveal you’re clutching at straws somewhat.


Good to know OJ Simpson’s son has landed on his feet


OJ's son: 'If I did it..."

OJ's son: 'If I did it..."

It’s not exactly winning the Heisman, but it’s better than nothing. 


Stuff Catch Seventy7 has seen and heard this week:


Stuck on You:  ***  Not the best Farelly Brothers film ever, but certainly not the worst. More entertaining than many reviews give it credit for.

Terminator 3: ***  Not a patch on the first two films (why doesn’t the weird female robot speak?) it’s still a good watch and doesn’t drag on like its predecessors.

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