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Michael Owen Deserves Chance to Reclaim Status Among World’s Best

He’s not even 30, yet some newspapers are already (falsely) printing suggestions he is contemplating retirement this summer. But Michael Owen still has a lot to offer on the football pitch, and he intends to get the chance to show it…

Owen: A fan of Pro Evo, is a friend of Catch Seventy7's...

Owen: Any fan of Pro Evo, is a friend of Catch Seventy7's...

Much has been made in the past week of Michael Owen’s almost unprecedented decision to authorise the distribution of a 32-page sales brochure detailing, in quite some depth, why clubs around Europe should bid for the England international’s services.

To many, such a move has been taken as an example of the desperation Owen feels for his professional future, another indication of how the once prodigious young striker’s career has quickly deteriorated.

After all, many seem to believe that his career is all but over. Retirement, as one daily newspaper was foolish enough to print, seems imminent.

In reality, the brochure is there to counter exactly such pre-conceptions.

The execution might not be quite there (indeed, some of it is cringe-inducing), but the idea should not be dismissed out of hand. In recent years, as the wealth within football has reached astronomical levels, we have come to expect out of contract footballers to be courted extensively by interested clubs, rather than the other way round. But in this current economic climate no one, not even footballers, should be criticised for doing something unpredictable in an attempt to make themselves stand out to potential employers.

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