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Presenting… The Dowie Theory: Why managers should treat career moves like the stock market

NB: The name of this theory is still up for debate and amendment. It is currently the Dowie Theory because, as a Palace fan, I have seen first-hand Iain both profit and suffer at the hands of his actions. In light of recent events, however, the Benitez theory could be equally apt or, more controversially, it could even nod to the modern master, Jose Mourinho…

Addition by subtraction: Current Sky Sports pundit Iain Dowie has proven you can both win and lose on the managerial merry-go-round

After extensive research (well, typing ‘career advice for football managers’ into Google) it seems that there is, in fact, no online resource for professional dugout occupiers looking to climb the career ladder.

This, frankly, seems improbable. There’s more advice than you could ever hope to read on the worldwide web for the 21-year-old who has just graduated with a degree in ‘Facebook Studies’ from the university of South-West Avon, but there’s not so much as a pamphlet for managers looking to progress their careers?!

That can’t be right.

Lord Alan Sugar would call that a gap in the market, and so here’s an early attempt to fill it. Football managers aren’t businessmen, but perhaps they should take the time to learn a thing too. Because the football world, particularly from their often-precarious position (which is invariably nearer the boardroom than the goalmouth), can share many similarities.

Learn how to play the market, and you too can learn how to rise the management ladder, just as the likes of Jose Mourinho and Sir Alex Ferguson have done.

The rest (the winning games part, which admittedly is probably the main part) is up to you, though.

“Ladies and gentlemen: The Dowie Theory…”

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