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About the Author

Alex Dimond is a history graduate from the University of Nottingham, currently completing an MA in Journalism at Brunel University. He has had work (not necessarily of any great quality or length) published in publications as diverse as The Guardian, Golf Punk Magazine and The Week. He has also been published online for websites including,,, and He currently works on a freelance basis for both the Daily Mail and UK.

Alex Dimond

Alex got his start in journalism as sports editor of his university’s student newspaper, a position he abused to expound the potential international credentials of players like Stephen Warnock and Gabriel Agbonlahor. People laughed then, but who’s laughing now? Warnock has a whole five minutes of international football under his belt…

Since then Alex has continued to write about sport on a regular basis, and likes to think he has developed something of a reputation as a thoughtful, critical and unique writer. His sports-writing heroes include Martin Samuel (inevitably), Simon Barnes, David Conn, and Grantland Rice (you can’t beat the old school) — but one day he hopes to equal or surpass all of them.

Sports journalism is undoubtedly his professional passion, but recently Alex has become more and more intrigued by the possibilities other areas of journalism offer him (well, he watched State of Play the other day, and quite fancies himself as Cal McCaffrey). Hopefully, Catch Seventy7 will prove the perfect outlet for him to demonstrate, to both himself and others, his well-rounded journalistic abilities.



A version of Alex’s CV (a pretty bland and, for security purposes, redacted version at that) can be seen here.

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