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Review: Flight of the Conchords Series 2

Life is nothing if not a struggle for New Zealand’s fourth most popular folk digi-rock duo…

Jemaine and Bret: The Conchords

Jemaine and Bret: The Conchords

There is so little to hate about Jemaine and Bret, the two bandmates that make up Flight of the Conchords, that it almost hurts. Whether it be their general inability to strike up conversations with (normal) girls, or their total failure to get anyone apart from Mel (the band’s ‘fanbase’) to attend their gigs, something about the two New Zealanders makes them compelling viewing, despite the conspicuous absence of anything involving personal or professional progression.

The first series introduced us to the band, and allowed us to follow as they singularly failed to make any sort of headway on the American music scene. In that respect, then, the second series follows religiously in the same footsteps. As Jemaine tells Murray, the band’s injudicious manager, during the last episode of this collection, “It’s the story of two men who started at the bottom, who with a lot of hard work continued along the bottom, and then finished at the bottom.”

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