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Top 10 Footballer’s Superstitions

As a rule Catch Seventy7 is not really a big fan of lists, but every once in a while exceptions must be made…

Blanc and Barthez: Bromance (Photo: Reuters)

Blanc and Barthez: Bromance (Photo: Reuters)

When it comes to superstitions, footballers are in a class of their own. Whether it be wearing the same piece of kit for a decade, or carrying out the same pre-match rituals, footballers will do anything if it makes them believe they will play better. Here are just 10 of the best footballing superstitions:


1. Malvin Kamara

When it comes to superstitions, the former Huddersfield midfielder certainly takes the biscuit. Or, more accurately, the chocolate. The 25-year-old watches Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory before every game he plays.

“It really helps to get me in the right mood for what lies ahead,” the 25-year-old revealed.
”That is the original Gene Wilder version I’m talking about though, the Johnny Depp one just offends me.” Obviously.


2. Romeo Anconetani

Former Pisa president Romeo Anconetani, renowned for his eccentric ways, had an unusual pre-match superstition. Before every one of his side’s games the Italian would throw salt onto the pitch. And the bigger the game, the more salt he would throw. In one particularly important match against local rivals Cesena, Anconetani distributed 26kg of salt on the pitch. Well seasoned.

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