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Graeme Storm Bemoans Club Theft

I had the chance to catch up with Hartlepool’s premier golfer, Graeme Storm, ahead of the Ballantine’s Championship in South Korea last week. The phone call cost a fortune, but ‘Stormy’ was just happy to have someone to talk to…

Storm: Having to re-find his form after his club's were stolen

Storm: Having to re-find his form after his clubs were stolen.

How have things been going so far this season?

“I haven’t quite had the results I would have hoped for so far this year. I played the Dubai Desert Classic and did okay there, but then I had my clubs stolen in the clubhouse afterwards — which really halted my progress.”

What happened?

“I was all packed up and ready to go home on the Sunday night, so I was just sitting in the clubhouse having a few drinks while watching the Liverpool-Chelsea match. I took my eyes off my clubs for barely 10 minutes, and unfortunately somebody half-inched them.”

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Lee Mack Looks Back

Is there a better way to kick off a new blog than with an exclusive blockbuster celebrity interview? Probably not, but unfortunately this isn’t a perfect world and Brad Pitt doesn’t always return phone calls. Comedian Lee Mack does, however, so at least I had the opportunity to interview him at his not-so-humble abode...

"I remember jumping on the was a big thing for me."

Mack: "I remember jumping on the was a big thing for me."

When Lee Mack was 22, the smell of success was all around him. Unfortunately, it wasn’t his own. The Southport born comedian — real surname McKillop — spent his youth working for a living at stables in Australia, cleaning out after Red Rum. At that point, serving the three-times Grand National winner was as close to achievement as Mack had been in his life, despite long harbouring his own ambitions.

“At 16 I knew I wanted to be a comedian, but didn’t really know what that meant,” the 40-year-old admits openly. “I left school and worked in a number of manual jobs before I went to Australia — and even that I did because I thought you needed to be worldly wise to be a stand-up.”

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